Health test

OY Fran! Today I had to do this health diagnostic test thing at work. I mean, I didn’t have to, but if you do you get $25/month off health insurance, and it was at work so it was very convenient… But apparently I’ve become terrified of doctors. I was always healthy but this visit was going to be my first check-up since living on my own and I think I was scared I’ve developed health problems due to never eating vegetables and always eating cereal for dinner.

For the test we weren’t supposed to eat for 9 hours beforehand. I got mine done at 11AM, so I figured, no big deal, just skip breakfast. But I did not anticipate being severely hungover. Note, becoming “severely hungover” these days requires only two glasses of wine, but still. The whole morning was a mix of terrified of the doctor and generally clinging to life. Because of the test, I couldn’t eat or drink anything except water and black coffee. I was convinced I was going to come out of that doctor’s appointment prediabetic at best, called out for having a b.a.c. at worst.

The test itself was a blood sample that would analyze cholesterol, glucose levels, and triglycerides, plus BMI and blood pressure tests. Turns out, everything was solidly in “normal” range. Blood pressure was a little high, but doctor said it was likely from stressin out about doctor. And in fact my cholesterol is so good it’s literally off the chart. The doctor lady said “Wow! Whatever you’re doing with your diet, don’t stop!”


Cereal for dinner and wine forever!!


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